Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MySQL configuration on ADF Development

I need to share some MySQL problems. When we develop application using ADF within MySQL database, we get following issues.
Issue 1: Our af:query doesn’t work with MySQL database. We just debug that issue; it comes from pure SQL standard. Which means default mysql configuration doesn’t support PIPES.
Solve 1: We configured PIPES_AS_CONCAT in my.cnf (Linux). If you will face that problem in Windows, you configure in my.ini (Windows).


Issue 2: Sometimes we created table name as lowercase and uppercase in database. So that case MySQL error comes from mostly at Linux. For example: table doesn’t exist. We solved following way.
Solve 2: Same configuration way in my.cnf, it is just ignore case value.


Issue 3: When we started new application with ADF & MySQL, we got Unicode problem. So in this case we changed MySQL connection string in JDeveloper.
Solve 3: We entered custom JDBC URL in Database connection editor.

Maybe you have to visit blog. He explained very well.

Issue 4: Sometimes we get MySQL connection time out problem. This case we have to change some variable and connection string. We get following error: Broken pipe.
Solve 4: I think, There are two configuration required.
A. We can increase to connection timeout variable to appropriate value.
mysql>SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=120;
B. We can change connection string. I described some connection string changes above and i added additional property. ( autoReconnect=true )


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