Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of box : Database Monitoring using ADF and JDeveloper (Version 1)

Currently i'm developing database monitoring system using ADF Technology. Therefor i need to share my  first version of DATABASE INTERACTIVE MONITORING application. But it is just screen of my application for new idea.

The following two picture are shown you how it works and looks like.

1. Database monitoring (Running : 7, Failure : 1)

Application automatically refresh connection status using ADF Poll control. Maybe next time will be use Active Data Control (server push).

2. Few minutes after some database comes up (Running : 4, Failure : 4)

Next version to be handle to database compare for replication and warehouse creation.
If you have a new idea or advice please comment here.

Thank you for your visit in my short post. :-) 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Visit in the AMIS Technology

I was visited to the AMIS Technology in November, 2011. I learned lot of things about ADF technology from Aino Andriesson and Lucas Jellema. 

Many thanks to Aino Andriesson, Lucas Jellema and AMIS Technology.

Best regards,