Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ADF Components everywhere on the Screen

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I just want to share CSS things for ADF Components. We can locate ADF Components everywhere on the screen.

This is very simple CSS change on inlinestyle.

The following picture shows, how it works.

My source code is: "position:absolute;left:150px;top:250px"

    <af:document id="d1">
      <af:form id="f1">
        <af:calendar id="c1" view="day" startDayOfWeek="sun" listCount="7"
        <af:commandButton text="Enter" id="cb1"
                          inlineStyle="position:absolute; width:100px; left:150px;top:300px;height:50.0px;"/>
        <af:inputText label="Username" id="it2"
        <af:image source="/images/images.jpeg" shortDesc="aa" id="i1"
        <af:inputText label="Password" id="it1"

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oracle Data Integrator Overview, What i done.

Oracle Data Integrator Overview

I need to share my knowledge of Oracle Data Integrator, what I done before.
Currently I’m using two different purposes for Database Integration.

1.       Database consolidation

In this time, I’m consolidating about 100 tables from 30 databases in whole country. The following picture shows you overall process of database consolidation.

Also we are consolidating tables to two different type of way.
  • Bulk load and insert (Select, Truncate, Insert)
  • Get only changed data (CDC – Changed Data Capture)

Because some calculated tables should to use first way. But it is not appropriate for big data. Therefor we are using second way.
The following picture shows concept of Changed Data Capture functionality.

2.       Big Table creation

Some specific reports need well transformed table structure. It means, when we are using Oracle Business Intelligence, it is requiring STAR TRANSFORMATION of tables.

Oracle Data Integrator Deployment Overview

Currently we are using following deployment architecture for above scenarios. We recommended using latest version of Oracle Data Integrator, which is Because when we were using, there is some bug on Changed Data Capture side.

Oracle Data Integration Installation Plan

I just described short installation plan of Oracle Data Integrator on client and server side.

Server side:
  • 1.       Install Oracle Database
  • 2.       Install RCU (Oracle Data Integrator module) (Oracle RCU Installation Guide)
  • 3.       Install JDK 1.6 or higher
  • 4.       Install Oracle Data Integrator (Java EE Agent, ODI Console, Public Web Service etc…)
Client side
  • 1.       Install JDK 1.6 or higher
  • 2.       Install Oracle Data Integrator (ODI Studio)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of box : Database Monitoring using ADF and JDeveloper (Version 1)

Currently i'm developing database monitoring system using ADF Technology. Therefor i need to share my  first version of DATABASE INTERACTIVE MONITORING application. But it is just screen of my application for new idea.

The following two picture are shown you how it works and looks like.

1. Database monitoring (Running : 7, Failure : 1)

Application automatically refresh connection status using ADF Poll control. Maybe next time will be use Active Data Control (server push).

2. Few minutes after some database comes up (Running : 4, Failure : 4)

Next version to be handle to database compare for replication and warehouse creation.
If you have a new idea or advice please comment here.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Visit in the AMIS Technology

I was visited to the AMIS Technology in November, 2011. I learned lot of things about ADF technology from Aino Andriesson and Lucas Jellema. 

Many thanks to Aino Andriesson, Lucas Jellema and AMIS Technology. http://technology.amis.nl/blog/

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Out of box : Workflow based on ADF Hierarchy Viewer

I need to share our application design and solution based on ADF controls.

This topic shows you Workflow functionality using ADF Hierarchy Viewer control. We call this control as Visual Task Flow. Because this designed using ADF Task Flow, Fragments, Action and Hierarchy Viewer.

The following picture show you how it works our Visual Task Flow.

When we configured Task Flow in database it will show following diagram. And user can enter any of process.

Just click on ready node, and will go to related task flow or pages.

Also i attached different process using configuration.

Thank you for your visit in my short post. :-) 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MySQL configuration on ADF Development

I need to share some MySQL problems. When we develop application using ADF within MySQL database, we get following issues.
Issue 1: Our af:query doesn’t work with MySQL database. We just debug that issue; it comes from pure SQL standard. Which means default mysql configuration doesn’t support PIPES.
Solve 1: We configured PIPES_AS_CONCAT in my.cnf (Linux). If you will face that problem in Windows, you configure in my.ini (Windows).


Issue 2: Sometimes we created table name as lowercase and uppercase in database. So that case MySQL error comes from mostly at Linux. For example: table doesn’t exist. We solved following way.
Solve 2: Same configuration way in my.cnf, it is just ignore case value.


Issue 3: When we started new application with ADF & MySQL, we got Unicode problem. So in this case we changed MySQL connection string in JDeveloper.
Solve 3: We entered custom JDBC URL in Database connection editor.

Maybe you have to visit juddi-oracle.blogspot.com blog. He explained very well.

Issue 4: Sometimes we get MySQL connection time out problem. This case we have to change some variable and connection string. We get following error: java.net.SocketException: Broken pipe.
Solve 4: I think, There are two configuration required.
A. We can increase to connection timeout variable to appropriate value.
mysql>SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=120;
B. We can change connection string. I described some connection string changes above and i added additional property. ( autoReconnect=true )


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