Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ADF Components everywhere on the Screen

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I just want to share CSS things for ADF Components. We can locate ADF Components everywhere on the screen.

This is very simple CSS change on inlinestyle.

The following picture shows, how it works.

My source code is: "position:absolute;left:150px;top:250px"

    <af:document id="d1">
      <af:form id="f1">
        <af:calendar id="c1" view="day" startDayOfWeek="sun" listCount="7"
        <af:commandButton text="Enter" id="cb1"
                          inlineStyle="position:absolute; width:100px; left:150px;top:300px;height:50.0px;"/>
        <af:inputText label="Username" id="it2"
        <af:image source="/images/images.jpeg" shortDesc="aa" id="i1"
        <af:inputText label="Password" id="it1"

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oracle Data Integrator Overview, What i done.

Oracle Data Integrator Overview

I need to share my knowledge of Oracle Data Integrator, what I done before.
Currently I’m using two different purposes for Database Integration.

1.       Database consolidation

In this time, I’m consolidating about 100 tables from 30 databases in whole country. The following picture shows you overall process of database consolidation.

Also we are consolidating tables to two different type of way.
  • Bulk load and insert (Select, Truncate, Insert)
  • Get only changed data (CDC – Changed Data Capture)

Because some calculated tables should to use first way. But it is not appropriate for big data. Therefor we are using second way.
The following picture shows concept of Changed Data Capture functionality.

2.       Big Table creation

Some specific reports need well transformed table structure. It means, when we are using Oracle Business Intelligence, it is requiring STAR TRANSFORMATION of tables.

Oracle Data Integrator Deployment Overview

Currently we are using following deployment architecture for above scenarios. We recommended using latest version of Oracle Data Integrator, which is Because when we were using, there is some bug on Changed Data Capture side.

Oracle Data Integration Installation Plan

I just described short installation plan of Oracle Data Integrator on client and server side.

Server side:
  • 1.       Install Oracle Database
  • 2.       Install RCU (Oracle Data Integrator module) (Oracle RCU Installation Guide)
  • 3.       Install JDK 1.6 or higher
  • 4.       Install Oracle Data Integrator (Java EE Agent, ODI Console, Public Web Service etc…)
Client side
  • 1.       Install JDK 1.6 or higher
  • 2.       Install Oracle Data Integrator (ODI Studio)

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